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New Offering at Kleinevalleij

Experience luxury and convenience with our all-inclusive venue packages!


Package 1 | For a Standard Package

  • Baie Goeters provides ceremony essentials, stylish cocktail and lounge areas, plus elegant lighting and napkins.

  • Taste Ateljee, provides delights in a choice of 4 different canapés or a lavish harvest table, complemented by a sumptuous plated main course.


Package 2 | For an Elevated package!

  • Baie Goeters, includes bespoke cutlery and underplates alongside the ceremony and lounge amenities.

  • Taste Ateljee, Indulge in 3 exquisite canapé options, a tempting food station, or a decadent harvest table, followed by a delightful plated main and a mouthwatering dessert.


Enquire today for more on this exclusive offer and make your special day truly unforgettable!

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